2022 Newsletter


We want to thank you for your continued support and notify you of upcoming changes to our company policies. We have been serving Salt Lake City, Utah since 1989 and Denver, Colorado since 2007. Since the COVID 19 Pandemic we have been impacted by labor shortages during our high demand season. Last year, this shortage surpassed our ability to adapt to it. We received such a large amount of phone calls, emails, and texts that it took us nearly the entire season just to get caught up. For many of our customers, we were not able to get to you in a timely manner. We want to take the time to apologize for any grievances you may have about your experience from last season. We also want you to know that we value your input and have listened to your feedback.

Our management team has been working hard to come up with a new business plan for the upcoming season. Below you will find a list of new policies and an explanation of each of these changes. Through these changes, we expect to provide a higher quality of customer care and support while simplifying your overall experience. We know the holidays are already a very busy and stressful time of the year. We would like to do all we can to reduce, rather than add to, this stress. We are going to work hard to get as much done as possible before the holidays even roll around and would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this.



Podium is the new business software platform we will operate on that allows us to manage our conversations with customers, send links for customer reviews, and take secure payments. If you receive a link to Podium from our number, it is not a scam but a way for us to stay better connected with you and simplify your experience.



We will be pre-scheduling all our returning customers this season. You will be scheduled based on location and notified of this scheduled date well in advance (this summer.) This will remove the stress of having to get hold of us in fall to schedule while also allowing us to fully service one area in the same day and reduce our emissions and environmental impact. We will be offering a discount program to our loyal customers but will be simplifying this to a single discount. You will receive a 15% discount* for accepting your pre-scheduled date and paying a 1⁄2 deposit by September 1st.

Your installation date will be sent to you via text (or email if texting is not an option.) With this, you will also be given your price for the upcoming season. To accept this installation date and receive the 15% discount*, you will need to pay your deposit by September 1st. Please also notify us of any desired additions or changes to your installation by September 1st. *Our labor minimum is $250 inclusive of any discount.



Included in text you receive about your pre-scheduled installation date, you will receive a Podium link for paying your deposit. This will be a 1⁄2 upfront deposit. Please pay by September 1st to secure your spot on the schedule. If we do not receive this deposit by September 1st, you may be pushed out on the schedule and therefore lose your early installation discount.



Since the COVID 19 Pandemic, the labor rates of our employees have increased greatly and in correspondence, we have had to increase our pricing at a higher percentage than past increases. Last year we had to increase our price twice due to unforeseen changes mid-season. For many customers, your pricing last year already reflects this change. For some customers, there will be another slight increase this year to get you up to our current standard pricing. Please do not contact us about this pricing, it will be given to you along with your installation date and you will have ample time to decide if this is a price you can manage and accept. This price is subject to change. If there are materials that need to be replaced (strands, bulbs, clips, etc.) or updates/additions to your lighting plan, your invoice will reflect this. Installers will contact you before any changes above $20 of the estimated price are made.



An invoice will be left with you upon installation outlining all labor and material costs. At this time you will also be sent a text through Podium by the installers for a payment request. To make payment, you can use this Podium link to securely pay from your phone using a credit card, Apple Pay, or by linking a bank account. There will no longer be a 3% transaction fee for these credit card payments; please pay by card if this is easiest for you. An alternative would be to send a check to our Murray office address (listed below.) If you pay by check, please text to let us know it is in the mail. You will be contacted again if we do not receive prompt payment. All customers will be expected to pay their balance within one week of installation. The absolute last day to pay this year will be December 15th, no exceptions.


Lift Fee

All jobs requiring a lift will be charged $200 per day. Trees over 20 feet tall may require a lift.


LED lights

We will be requiring upgrades to LED lights for all of our customers this year. If you currently have incandescent bulbs, we will be giving you pricing for new LED light material in addition to your labor price for installation. LED bulbs use just 3% the energy that an incandescent bulb does which will greatly reduce your power usage. LED lights are more sustainable, longer lasting, and more durable than incandescent bulbs, and will be our standard option moving forward.


Again, we appreciate your feedback and continued support. We look forward to bringing you a more simplified and improved experience this coming season. For any questions regarding these policy changes please email back as we do not have the staffing to handle a large quantity of incoming calls right now.


Warmest Regards,

The Christmas Light Professionals