What does it cost?

Most customers spend about $300 to $500 on their holiday lighting. This usually consists of having the front roofline of their house and a few trees done. Remember, lights are a commodity, meaning, if we put twice as many lights on your house, business, or tree, the cost would double as well. If you are looking to keep the price down, we recommend not doing all sides of your house. If you want to include trees, smaller trees are always more affordable.

Do you have a minimum?

Yes. Our labor minimum is $200 in Utah, and due to traffic congestion, $200 in Denver. In order to assure that we can give you proper service, including the removal of lights in January, we have to have a minimum labor amount.


The average 2500 square foot newer home runs about $275 for labor to install and remove lights installed on the front roofline of the house. However, the number of lights a roofline may require can vary, regardless of the square footage of a house. The reason for this is that not all rooflines are the same. A 2500 square foot rambler is going to have a very different roofline than a two-story with dormers. Price is based on the linear footage of your roofline, and the height and pitch of your roof.


If lights are a commodity and putting double the amount of lights on a tree would cost twice as much, it would make sense that a 12 ft. tree would probably cost twice as much as a 6 ft. tree. Keeping this in mind, smaller (6 ft.) trees always look better and cost less. Smaller trees will run about $40 to $80 in labor (each depending on how heavy they are covered.). Larger trees can be more costly, depending on the number of strands involved. Also, remember that a two-story house averages 28 feet in height. If your tree is the height of your house it’s at least 28 ft. tall. A 28 ft. tree can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000, depending on how many lights you want to be installed.

Would you do my 50 ft. spruce?

We commonly get asked, “Would you do my 50 ft. spruce in my front yard? I have a $250 budget.” Please remember to be reasonable on your request. To get great coverage on this type of tree you should expect a minimum of $1,500 for the basic to $25,000 for extravagant coverage. A tree like this requires a $300 to $500 lift and is at least a day’s work, if not more.

Do you have discounts?

Yes, we do! If you can help us extend our season by having your lights installed early, we would love to help you save and give you a discount! Discounts are as follows:

20% off all labor for jobs installed the first two weeks of October (Utah only)

15% off all labor for jobs installed the last two weeks of October

10% off all labor for jobs installed the first week of November

5% off all labor for jobs installed the second week of November

Do you install permanent lighting or RGB color changing eve lights?

Yes, we install an American-made LED product called Oelo. Not only is it one of the longest-lasting LED products on the market, but each LED can be replaced independently. This means we can repair our permanent product, adding years to its operating life span, and reducing overall cost. With Oelo you can have fourth of July lights, Easter lights, St. Patty Day lights, and even purple birthday lights. The color options are endless. www.oelo.com

Are permanent lights cost-effective?

Permanent lighting doesn’t last forever. Most permanently installed LEDs will need major repairs or replacement within five to seven years. Other companies may try to fool you into believing “permanent” lights last 10 years or more. However, LED lights start to fail at about four years. That means if 200 lights are installed on your house, you could expect to have 10% to 20% not working by year six or seven. The average permanent install costs around $3,500.

The average labor on a seasonal Christmas Light installation costs only $250, plus the initial LED material cost of $240. Multiply that seasonal labor cost by seven years (the life expectancy of permanent lights) and the total cost is only $1,990 with the LED product. Seasonally installed Christmas lights are thousands of dollars less than a permanently installed light.

We understand the allure of color options that permanent lights allow. If you are looking for permanent lighting to be installed on your house please be aware that the cost would be greater than the standard seasonal LED light installation.